In consideration of illness, misplaced/lost ID cards, occasional irresolvable time conflicts, or tardiness, some of the mandatory requirement may be "made up" by listening to recordings of Chapel sessions. Conference make-ups must be done using Conference recordings (see bottom of this page).


  1. Download and print out the Chapel/Conference Makeup Form (PDF).
  2. Select a Chapel/Conference recording from the list below (recordings may be mp3s or YouTube videos).
  3. Open or download the recording (your browser configuration decides this) by clicking on it.
  4. Listen conscientiously to the recording you selected.
  5. Complete the Chapel/Conference Makeup Form. Your responses MUST be handwritten.
  6. There is a $1-per-makeup processing fee (i.e., turning in 10 chapel makeups and 2 conference makeups = $12). Cash/Checks only. Checks payable to Biola University. Cash must be exact change.
  7. Turn in Chapel/Conference Makeup Form & fee to Chapel Accountability, Student Services Bldg. Office is open M-F 830am-4pm.

Makeups due by date of final chapel of semester: May 16 at 4:30pm

Makeups received without correct payment will not be processed.

Eligible Chapel Recordings

All recordings are mp3/audio unless otherwise noted.

Spiritual Development

** For 2-part messages, each part of message counts as 1 chapel makeup (listening to both parts of a 2-part message= 2 makeups). Separate makeup form required for each message.

Christian Living

Missions and Evangelism


Racial Reconciliation


Arts and Culture

Word Series

John 1 Series

Eligible Conference Recordings: Missions Conference 2014

Rodrick Gilbert: "Why Missions? To Hasten the Return of the Day"

Afshin Ziafat: "Blessing to the Nations"

Mickey Klink: "God is Missionary"

Mickey Klink: "Church is Missionary"

Megan Fate Marshman: "Our Role in the Making"

Afshin Ziafat: "Ends of the Earth"

Rodrick Gilbert: "Making Multiplying Disciples"

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