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As the scene in heaven reflects a diverse multitude around the throne of God (Revelation 7:9); as the Lord Jesus prayed for His kingdom come (Matthew 6:10); the department of Multi-Ethnic Programs & Development seeks to build the Kingdom of God to be a reality in our midst, and from our midst to be advanced “on earth as it is in heaven.”

Core Values


We believe that the redeemed community that makes up the Body of Christ is diverse by divine design. Therefore, we seek to affirm our differences and glorify the lord who created us. Cultural diversity manifested in worship styles, music, food, languages, instruction, outreach, the arts and methods of creative expression are to be celebrated in our midst daily.


We believe that the fall has resulted in dividing humanity based on our differences. To educate one another across divisions is to engage on an ongoing process of healing our humanity. Hence, we seek to learn of one another and from one another.  Our hope is that greater understanding brings healing, forgiveness and empowerment. We hope to speak from our hearts and receive in our hearts.


We believe that to be like Christ and to build His Kingdom on earth requires a continuous paradigm shift. 

  1. Upward - To engage in a life of reconciliation is a divine mandate. We seek to walk after Jesus in all aspects, especially how He lived in relation to the diverse world around Him. In our worship, study of the scriptures, and our prayer life, we seek the mind of Christ, to learn the heart of God and to continue to foster His Kingdom on earth.  
    This requires us to study reconciliation from the word of God on an ongoing basis.  We must form our personal biblical theology on justice, reconciliation and compassion. This will be reflected in our prayer life and our intercession on a daily basis.  Our worship of God will also reflect the diversity of the Kingdom of God as we appropriate diverse styles of worship in our spiritual lives.
  2. Outward - We seek to make a difference in the world around us. Reconciliation is not just about conflict resolution, it is about building bridges through relationships and meaningful cross cultural connections. Here we seek to continue dialogue and to promote programs that engage people with one another.
    Active participation, leadership and servanthood that promotes Kingdom living is our proposed outcome.
  3. Inward - We strive to develop ourselves so we can be a more effective tool in the Lord’s hands. A paradigm shift here includes our own ethnic identity development, our understanding of how racism works internally and externally, and to be set free from the bondage oppression holds on us. This process will be painful, as we walk together we can be transformed into the image of Christ.


  • To expose our campus to basic concepts of cultural and ethnic diversity.
  • To expose students to a plethora of cultural diversity in music, arts, and topics.
  • To engage students on a journey of ethnic/racial identity development.
  • To broaden our biblical worldview to see the centrality of justice, reconciliation and diversity in the Scriptures.
  • To expose and educate students on unjust systems of power, privilege and oppression.
  • To create community of diverse believers (pockets of community) to foster support, fellowship, dialogue and growth.
  • To develop students into leaders who exemplify knowledge, heart and skills in the MEPD community and Biola community at large.
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