"Chapels bring together the entire Biola undergraduate community for a directed time of worship and instruction, focused on developing mature disciples of Jesus Christ." (Mission Statement)

The overall Chapel program brings a unique distinction to the ethos of Biola as a Christian university. Due to the central and significant nature of that ethos, attendance is required for chapel and conference sessions, which form a part of your required academic classes. It is the University's intent that chapels be a key component of your overall education experience.

When and where are the chapels held?

•    Mon-Wed-Fri 9:30 am in Chase Gymnasium (unless otherwise posted).

•    Tuesday at 9:30 am, Talbot School of Theology holds their chapel in Calvary Chapel. Undergraducates are welcome and credit is recorded.

•    "Fives" Chapel, Tuesdays at 5 p.m. in Calvary Chapel.

•    AfterDark, Wednesday at 9:10 p.m. in Sutherland Auditorium.

•    Thursday at 9:30 am in Calvary Chapel.

•    Mid-Day Chapel, Thursday at 12 noon in Calvary Chapel.

•    Singspiration, a worship service, is held Sunday nights at 8 p.m. in Chase Gym.

•    Various other chapel alternative opportunities exist each semester publicized across the University.

Chapel Attendance/Accountability Policy

Is chapel attendance mandatory?

•    Yes, for all full and part-time, resident or commuter undergraduate students

How many chapels must I attend?

•    Full-time students are required to attend a minimum of 30 chapels each semester; plus a minimum of 8 sessions during each of the 3-day Torrey and Missions Conferences. Actual physical attendance at 15 of these Chapels (and 4 Conference sessions) is required.

•    Part-time students (enrolled in 7-11 units) are required to attend a minimum of 20 chapel sessions and a minimum of 5 sessions during Torrey and Missions Conference. Actual physical attendance at 10 of these Chapels (and 3 Conference sessions) is required.

•    SPECIAL NOTE: Torrey or Missions Conference attendance that goes above the minimum requirement will also apply toward chapel credit; however, extra chapel attendance does NOT apply toward Torrey or Missions Conferences.

Are there considerations to the minimum chapel requirements?

•    Students enrolled in less than 7 units are encouraged, but not required, to attend chapel.

•    Students in their final graduating semester are encouraged, but not required, to attend chapel.

•    Students involved in off-campus academic activities (i.e. required internship for major) may receive a chapel modification (see details below).

•    Students experiencing extended absences from the University due to medical, personal or family difficulties that prevent class/chapel attendance may receive a chapel modification (see details below).

How do I process a modification to chapel requirements?

•    Students involved in off-campus academic activities are to check with their academic department to determine eligibility. Academic departments process modifications through the Chapel Accountability Coordinator at x3854.

•    Students who have an approved academic Report Delay through the Provost’s Office due to extreme medical, personal, or family difficulties may receive a chapel requirement modification.

•    Chapel modifications beyond the aforementioned examples will not be granted.

How is my attendance recorded?

•    Records are generated from bar code readers activated by your ID card, between 9:15am-9:40am at each scheduled chapel location. Students manually entering their ID numbers will not be given credit for the session.

What if I lose my ID card?

•    Attendance credit will not be given at the door to those students without IDs. Bring your newly purchased ID card to the Chapel Accountability Coordinator to receive credit.

What if my card is not being read properly?

•    Bring your ID card to the Chapel Accountability Coordinator for evaluation and recommendation.

What are my options for making up missed Chapels?

•    Students may make up missed chapels by attending officially announced alternative chapels to receive credit toward their minimum requirements. Card readers are used at most alternate sessions.

•    Chapel Make-up recordings are the final alternative to meet chapel requirements:

  • Go to to access makeups.

  • Conscientiously listen to the recordings and complete the make-up forms (forms available for download at

  • Submit make-up forms to Student Development.

  • For full-time students, no more than 15 chapel make-up forms (and no more than 4 conference makeup forms) will be accepted each semester. For part-time students, no more than 10 chapel make-up forms (or 2 conferences makeup forms) will be accepted each semester.

  • Credit(s) for Chapel make-ups will be applied within 24 hours.

What are the consequences for not meeting the Chapel requirement?

•    Students who fall short of their Chapel requirements and do not complete makeups by the deadline are assessed a fee of $375.

•    Students who fail to meet the physical attendance requirement (based on their enrollment status) will be assessed the $375 fee.

•    The $375 fee may be charged to a student only once per semester.

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