Remembering Joy

UPDATE Friday Feb 6: As a way of honoring Joy's legacy at Biola, we're in the process of creating the Hasiet Joy Negash Scholarship. If you would like to honor her life and her legacy in this way, you can give online through Under "Designation," select "Other" and type in "Hasiet Joy Negash Scholarship," or make your check payable to Biola University, and be sure to mention Joy's scholarship in the memo line. Checks can be dropped off or house mailed to University Development in Upper Metzger or mailed to University Development, 13800 Biola Ave., La Mirada, CA 90639

UPDATE Monday Feb 4: Thursday's memorial service will be streamed online for those who cannot attend, at

UPDATE Monday Jan 26: A date for Hasiet Joy's memorial service has been set: Thursday, Feb 5, Chase Gym, 7pm, with a reception to follow afterwards in the Mosaic Cultural Center (across from Talbot East).

From the Office of the President of Biola University:

January 17, 2015

Dear Biola Community,

I am deeply grieved to inform you of the death of a dear student, Hasiet Joy Negash, who passed away on Jan. 15 while on a Student Missionary Union trip to India. Joy had been serving with a team of seven other students when she succumbed to asthma-related breathing difficulties.

We mourn this tragedy as a community, and join together to grieve with all who loved her. Joy was a young woman whose love for Jesus Christ was deep and abiding, evidenced by her desire to cross cultures and continents to see lives transformed by the gospel. She was involved at Biola in Student Orientation Services and Multi-Ethnic Programs and Development, and served as an ambassador with the admissions department. We take comfort in the fact that she is with her Savior now.

Please join me in praying for Joy’s family, friends and loved ones, as well as the other seven members of her student missions team, who are returning early from India. Counseling services will be available to students by contacting Student Development [see below].

In Christ,

Barry H. Corey

From the Office of the Dean of Students:

As we mourn together the loss of Joy Negash, I want to inform you of resources available to our students, staff and faculty throughout this time for support and prayer. This list of ways you can help (and be helped) can be found below.

It is understandable to be curious and want more information about exactly what happened to Joy. However, I ask that you refrain from asking her SMU teammates for details; this is still (and will be for awhile) a very raw and painful time, and they are not in a place to be reliving those events… so please allow them time to heal and share only as they are ready.

Therefore, I would ask that you be patient and gracious with one another. For those who did not know Joy, this is a sad occurrence, but for those who knew and loved her, it is a time of tremendous and even life-altering loss. Responding to someone who is grieving takes both compassion and wisdom; there is some guidance here on how to be helpful to friends in grief.

We will remember Joy in Chapel on Wednesday Jan 28. Plans for a memorial service are still in process and will be announced when complete have been set for Thursday February 5 at 7pm in Chase Gym.

Yours in Christ,

Danny Paschall, Dean of Students

Supportive Resources with details and events

Further information will be announced as it becomes available.

Student Development

Student Development staff (Pastoral Care, Student Care and Residence Life) will be available throughout the day for support and prayer. Students, staff and faculty can call (562) 903-4874 with questions about support available or to set up an appointment with a staff member.

A therapist from the Biola Counseling Center will be available in the Student Services Building and Hope Hall for drop-in support and care (please note that there are extended hours):

  • Monday: 11:00a-1:00p and 3:30p-5:30p in Student Development; 12:00p-1:30p and 4:00p-6:00p in Hope Hall.

  • Tuesday: 9:00a-12:00p and 4:00p-5:30p in Student Development; 10:00a-12:00p in Hope Hall.

  • Wednesday: 11:00a-1:00p in Student Development.

  • Thursday: 10:30a-12:30p and 1:00p-3:00p in Student Development.

  • Friday: 9:00a-11:00a and 1:00p-3:00p in Student Development.

Biola Counseling Center:

Therapists at the Biola Counseling Center will be available for students, staff and faculty for support and care. Please call the front desk at x4800 (562-903-4800) to set up a time to come in. When you call (or come by), please let the front desk know you are there for grief counseling.

Center for Spiritual Renewal: Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction is available for Biola students, staff and faculty. It is a safe and confidential space to explore the feelings and process of grief in the context of one's relationship with God.  The focus would be on questions like: "Where is God in the midst of your grief?" and "How is your experience of grief shaping your life of prayer and relationship with God?"

Mosaic Cultural Center:

• Glen Kinoshita, Tamra Malone, and Alicia Miller Andre will be available in the MEPD office throughout this week for support and prayer.

• A space will be provided to write notes to Hasiet's family, record memories, prayers and condolences, that will be collected and put into an album.

• A memorial with pictures and candles will be arranged in the Mosaic Center.


• Chapel: Wednesday January 28, 9:30am, Chase Gymnasium, "Remembering Joy: Processing Grief," with Dr. Maribeth Ekey

• Memorial Service: Thursday, Feb 5, Chase Gym, 7pm; reception following at Mosaic Cultural Center. Streamed live at


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